KidsThinkAboutIt Update

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Our venture into children’s publishing has mushroomed over the past few months, and I’m so incredibly pleased to be working with a talented team of creators and designers.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • We now have five books published, including an introduction to philosophy for kids, a metaphysics edition, an environmental edition, an aesthetics edition, and a fantastic book about robots.  Each book includes a health dose of philosophy, along with history and geography.  They’re funny, they’re engaging, and they also feature activity pages, to let little thinkers explore ideas on their own.
  • For those who prefer electronic format, we’ll be releasing interactive ebooks for all of our material in the next couple of months!  Same great content, with animation, narration, and of course, interactive activities.
  • We’re also in the process of creating teacher packs to go with our books.  These should be out in 2012, and will include printable worksheets, rubrics, curriculum grids and guidelines for introducing philosophy into the classroom.

For more information on new materials, events, and places to find our books, visit KidsThinkAboutIt.

A Little Wisdom for Christmas!

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Yes, there is a school of philosophy for just about every subject, including Christmas.  It’s no secret that I’m a firm believer in everyone doing a little deep thinking every now and then.

If you’re looking for a nifty gifty for the armchair philosopher in your life, I recommend the “Philosophy for Everyone” series, from Wiley publishing.  They cover everything from coffee to serial killers, but if you want to give something that’s festively-themed, there’s even a book on philosophy and Christmas.  The books are even compact enough to fit into most stockings.

Happy Holidays, all you deep thinkers out there!

Train Your Brain With Philosophy Puzzles!

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to delve into Plato’s Republic in order to do philosophy.  It’s really as simple as giving some thought to questions that are philosophical in nature.  But where to start?

There are a lot of fantastic resources out there for grown-ups, but I’m partial to books by Peter Cave.  Peter presents philosophy to his readers by posing seemingly silly questions that don’t really have a clear answer, but which open up all sorts of discussion on important issues.  His books are funny, engaging, and a great way to slip a little deep thought into one’s day.  I’ve brought them with me into the classroom, and I’ve given them as gifts to nimble-minded friends.

Some of his more popular titles include:

  • Do Llamas Fall in Love?
  • What’s Wrong With Eating People?
  • Can a Robot Be Human?

Check out Peter’s website, for more information, and for some interesting tidbits.

Ew, Gross?

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We’re in the midst of illustrating our upcoming kids’ book on aesthetics (the theory of art and beauty).  It seemed like a good time to post something about matters of taste, and what makes us think of something as lovely or loathsome.  Here’s a link to an article I wrote a couple of years ago.  It deals with the unifying power of all things disgusting.


What’s New?

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We’ve been busy little bees at, our sister site.   The site itself has been given a much-needed facelift, and now features even more resources and links, as well as our Philosophy for Kids blog.  We’re also proud to offer three publications on the site, including two philosophy books for children, as well as one on robots!  An environmental philosophy book is due out in the next few weeks, and a book on art and beauty is in the works.

We look forward to your visit!

What Does Philosophy Do Nowadays?

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I’m a huge fan of  For anyone not familiar with the site, it’s like YouTube for smart people, with a refreshing lack of people dancing in their underwear and bragging about their dog’s ability to bark the alphabet.  BigThink is a fantastic resource for philosophy tidbits too.  This clip talks about the role philosophy plays in modern life.  Enjoy!

Debuting This Saturday!

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Be the first to get copies of “KidsThinkAboutIt: Philosophy for Kids” this Saturday!

Purchase online by visiting the “Books” section of

To purchase in person, join us at the Spring Milton Mompreneur Showcase on April 30 from 11 am to 5pm at Milton Memorial Arena.  For more details, visit

More Great Sources for Everyday Philosophy

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Stephan Law and Julian Baggini write marvelous books that introduce philosophical questions in a very user-friendly way.  They also have terrific websites, featuring useful resources and pithy questions.  Check these out:

A Dose of Optimism

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Take a walk on the rosy side of human nature with the March edition of “Empowerment House” magazine, and get to know philosopher John Locke.

A Philosopher’s View of Love

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A University of Toronto professor takes a crack at an age-old subject:–a-philosopher-s-take-on-romantic-love

Happy Valentine’s Day!